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About IT Club
Being so broad, IT (Information Technology) espouses so many facets that are ever changing and growing. Our vision is to bring individuals from all disciplines together to learn and imbue the essence and importance of IT within ourselves which aligns with our mission to allow members to utilize IT in the best possible iterations. We aim to do this by keeping abreast with the latest trends through regular events and programmes in the many facets of tech. We also aim to generate interest through the integration of different disciplines such as finance, media and communications with tech in order to create a more diverse student community.


Aditya Pandhari
AI enthusiast, highly motivated individual passionate about learning new skills.
Neha Gulabani
General Secretary
An open-minded and spiritual individual who is enthusiastic about blockchain.
Harsh Jain
Marketing Director
Interested in investment and data analytics. Always look out for new things
Kevin Royce
Events Director
Passionate about Machine Learning. Love to learn new concepts and skills
Xin Jie Li
Blog Editorial and Website Director
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